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Online Training

As one part of a multifaceted approach, the Institute utilizes the following online sexual misconduct prevention and awareness training programs, developed by EverFi, to educate the campus community. 

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAP-U)

All incoming undergraduate students complete SAP-U within their first semester enrolled. See the Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming Orientation website for more information about this requirement. 

Sexual Assault Prevention Ongoing: Healthy Relationships (SAP-O)

All rising sophomores are required to complete a referesher training in conjunction with an online module on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This course empowers students beyond their first year by strengthening their consent and relationship skills, and their ability to intervene when friends engage in unsafe or unhealthy behavior.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students (SAP-G)

All incoming graduate students complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students. Incoming students who fail to complete this program within their first semester enrolled may be subject to a registration hold in the following Spring.  

Building Supportive Communities

The Committee on Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response (CSMPR) has recommended that all MIT faculty and staff complete an online, research-based educational training program. Beginning in 2018, all Institute faculty and staff will be expected to complete this training.