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Request a Training

IDHR strives to inform the MIT community and aims to tailor trainings to the needs and requests of the specific audience. IDHR collaborates with various offices across the Institute to provide comprehensive trainings to faculty, staff, postdocs, and students. To request a training, please email

IDHR has developed two 30-minute training modules that can stand alone or be combined together to walk MIT community members through the services of IDHR, resources and reporting options across the Institute, and how to fulfill the Responsible Employee Duty. 

Getting to Know IDHR

This 30-minute module covers IDHR's purpose and history, the identites that fall under MIT's Non-Discrimination policy, IDHR services, and how to contact IDHR. It also highlights key policies at MIT focused on promoting inclusive environments, resources for reporting or accessing confidential support, an explanation of responsible employees on campus, and an overview of important confidential resources.

Responsible Employee Duty at MIT

This 30-minute module covers the role and responsibility of Responsible Employees on campus by explaining who is considered a Responsible Employee, how to fulfill this duty, how to let a student or employee know that you are a Responsible Employee and other frequently asked questions about the duty.

Promoting Inclusive Environments (PIE) Workshops

IDHR also has an interactive workshop focused on research lab communities around how to promote and sustain inclusive lab cultures. These workshops include interactive activities and can cover a broad range of topics including microagressions, bystander intervention, perspective taking, and power dynamics.

If these workshops do not meet your needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us so we can discuss further. Often, we can incorporate your requests into these existing trainings or recommend another office at the Institute that may better address your needs.