Formal Complaint Processes

Formal Complaint Processes

This is a landing page to better understand the pages available under "Formal Complaint Processes". 

File a Formal Complaint

Use this page to submit a Formal Complaint alleging Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment against a Staff or Faculty Member or against a Student.

IDHR Investigation Guide

Use this page to understand the IDHR process for investigating Formal Complaints of Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment with greater detail. 

Information for Complainants and Respondents

Use this landing page to access the different pages covering important informations for Complainants (reporting parties) and Respondents (reporting parties) in different types of formal complaints.

Hearing Process

Use this page to understand the process for finding a violation of a discrimination or discriminatory harassment policy.

Decision Makers

Use this page to understand the decision makers for all stages of the formal complaint process.