IDHR Investigation Guide

IDHR Investigation Guide

IDHR has been tasked with investigating Formal Complaints alleging Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment in violation of MIT policies.  This IDHR Investigation Guide is intended to provide MIT community members with greater detail about the IDHR process for investigating Formal Complaints of Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment.  The IDHR Investigation Guide will be periodically revised to reflect the Institute’s commitment to gathering ongoing community feedback in general and, in particular, in response to MIT’s efforts to comply with Federal regulations relative to Title IX Sexual Harassment, effective August 14, 2020.

This document should be read as a supplement to, and as consistent with, the MIT Policies and Procedures (“P&P”), Section 9.8, for faculty and staff matters, and the Mind and Hand Book and the Committee on Discipline (“COD”) Rules, for student matters.  Although this guide is intended to accurately state MIT policy and the COD Rules, both are subject to change without notice.  In the event of any discrepancy, the provisions of the P&P or the COD Rules will prevail over the IDHR Investigation Guide.

The IDHR Investigation Guide sets out the Formal Complaint investigation process for Formal Complaints against MIT:

  • Students, including student on leave;
  • Staff Members and Postdoctoral Scholars (collectively “Staff Members”);
  • Faculty Members, Senior Research Scientists, Senior Research Engineers, Senior Research Associates (collectively “Faculty Members”);
  • Former Students, where such complaints are permitted by the Committee on Discipline Rules, Section XVI; and
  • Other Members of the MIT Community, as provided for in the MIT Policies & Procedures (“P&P”), Section 9.0.

Alleging the Following Acts of Prohibited Conduct:

For Staff Members and Faculty Members:

  • P&P, Section 9.3: Nondiscrimination
  • P&P, Section 9.4: Racist Conduct
  • P&P, Section 9.5: Harassment (when the alleged conduct is based on an individual’s protected class as defined in Section 9.3)
    • Section Sexual Harassment
    • Section Sexual Misconduct--Sexual Assault
    • Section Sexual Misconduct--Sexual Exploitation
    • Section Sexual Misconduct--Intimate Partner Violence
    • Section Gender-Based Harassment P&P
    • Section Title IX Sexual Harassment
  • P&P, Section 9.5.2: Stalking
  • P&P, Section 9.6: Violence Against Community Members (based on protected class)
  • P&P, Section 9.7: Retaliation (based on protected class)

For Students, MIT Mind and Hand Book:

  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Harassment (based on protected class)
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Intimate Partner Violence
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Nondiscrimination Policy
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Non-Retaliation (based on protected class)
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Sexual Misconduct
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Stalking
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Title IX Sexual Harassment

Throughout the IDHR Investigation Guide, the above listed Polices are collectively referred to as “Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment.”

Archives of Past Investigation Guides:

In additon to the current edition of the Investigation Guide posted above, copies of past Investigation Guides are provided for your reference: