Our Office | Bias Response Team

The Bias Response Team (BRT)

The BRT is meant to supplement, not supplant, the responsibilities of other groups at MIT devoted to addressing bias and discrimination experienced by students and employees. There may be circumstances where the BRT may recommend referral of an individual to another group, office, or resource for support and assistance. In particular, allegations of bias or discrimination alleged to have been committed by MIT employees will be referred to MIT Human Resources, and the BRT will work closely with the Office of Student Conduct (OSC) and the Committee on Discipline (COD) to address any student violations of MIT policies. In addition, complaints alleging bias or discrimination in connection with academic decisions will generally be addressed in the relevant academic department. 

Bias Response Team (BRT) Membership

  • Chair, Director, Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response Office
  • Senior Associate Dean for Residential Education
  • Chief, MIT Police
  • Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Community Involvement
  • Assistant Dean for Graduate Education
  • Case Manager,  Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response Office
  • Manager of Staff Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources
  • Director of Engagement for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Counsel, Office of the General Counsel

Other colleagues from across the Institute, including the Office of Multicultural Programs, Chaplains, LBGT Services, Office of Disability Services, Office of Student Conduct, Student Support Services, Mental Health & Counseling, Office of Minority Education, the Ombuds Office, and others will be consulted as needed for case-specific issues.

The Incident Reporting Form is available to report a bias incident committed by a student or student club/organization. 

In addition to using the online reporting form, if students have concerns about bias incidents, they are encouraged to seek assistance from a trusted resource on campus, including advisors, department heads, someone in their living group, or other campus resources