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Our Mission

MIT is committed to providing a working, living, and learning environment free from discrimination and discriminatory harassment for all community members including students, faculty, and staff.  While preventing incidents is a community-wide responsibility, the Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office supports community members who have experienced harm to access available resources and reporting options.

In Spring 2020, our office, previously known as the Title IX & Bias Response (T9BR) office, became the Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office (IDHR). In addition to handling student concerns related to Title IX (including sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other forms of discrimination) our office is also a central resource for the entire MIT community for concerns related to discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and bias. This centralization is part of an Institute-wide effort to streamline informal and formal complaint processes to ensure that a dedicated and well-trained team is available to address incidents and establish centrally tracked incident reports at MIT.

Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response Office Staff

Please note: Any student, faculty, or staff member who has concerns related to discrimination and/or harassment (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate-partner violence, and stalking) is encouraged to seek the assistance of the staff members listed below. They will provide information on resources for assistance and options to address concerns. 

Learn more about IDHR Staff attended trainings and materials. Additionally, you can email idhr@mit.edu.

Sarah Rankin
Director of IDHR & Institute Title IX Coordinator

Sarah Rankin is the Director of the IDHR Office and serves as the Institute Title IX Coordinator at MIT. She oversees the education, case management, and investigation branches of the office, develops policies and procedures, conducts trainings across the Institute, and manages compliance efforts. Formerly, she was the Director of Harvard University’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, where she coordinated a large peer education program focused on sexual assault prevention efforts. Sarah earned her master’s degree in Psychology from Western Washington University in 1996. Aside from her professional positions, Sarah brings her experience as a mother of a teenage daughter and son to the work of gender equity. In her free time, she watches far too much reality TV and is embarrassed at how much she knows about the Kardashians. To reach Sarah, email her at srankin@mit.edu or call (617) 324-7526. This is a non-emergency office number.

Nina N. Harris
Restorative Resolutions Coordinator

Nina Harris serves as the Restorative Resolution Coordinator in the IDHR Office. Nina facilitates adaptable resolution processes - such as facilitated dialogue, mediation, and restorative conferencing - as alternative resolution pathways to investigation/adjudication for addressing concerns of bias, discrimination, harassment, and misconduct based on protected classes. Bringing the lens of restorative practice, she works to expand opportunities for holistic solutions to individual and community harm beyond just disciplinary action.

An equity and violence prevention advocate, educator, and restorative justice practitioner with over twenty years of experience in higher education, administration, and student engagement, Nina has provided crisis and resource counseling for hundreds of survivors of gender-based interpersonal/sexual violence and identity-based harm and harassment. Her practice anchors around frameworks of anti-racism/anti-oppression, restorative/transformative justice, strength and resiliency building and trauma-informed praxis. Nina formerly held the roles of advocate, crisis counselor, program manager, educator and TIX/conduct case manager (for complainants and respondents) at Harvard University, Swarthmore College, and the University of Pennsylvania. To reach Nina, email nnharris@mit.edu.

Jamie Sinetar
Case Manager

Jamie serves as the Case Manager in the Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office.  She strives to conduct intake interviews and manage cases so that all parties feel they have been treated with sensitivity, courtesy, and respect.  Prior to joining the Institute in August 2015, Jamie worked for the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), where she was responsible for planning and executing large scale equity compliance reviews at numerous universities and served as a consultant on many Title IX investigations.  During Jamie’s tenure at (OCR) she was recognized for her trauma-informed approach to investigations and use of focus groups to examine campus climate. To reach Jamie, email her at jsinetar@mit.edu.

Bianca Kaushal-Carter
Manager of Prevention, Education, and Outreach

Bianca is the Manager of Prevention & Education in the IDHR Office. She conducts trainings for students, faculty and staff about MIT policies, reporting options, and legal responsibilities, and coordinates other prevention education efforts within the MIT community. Previously, Bianca worked at Washington University in St. Louis where she provided culturally-relevant training to international students regarding sexual assault, and at Saweraa, a St. Louis non-profit that supports South Asian women experiencing IPV.  Bianca holds a Master's in Social Work from The Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. She is passionate about anti-violence work and spends her free time baking 6-inch cakes and taking virtual walking tours with her partner. To reach Bianca, email her at bkaushal@mit.edu.

Erin Farley
Education Specialist

Erin is the Education Specialist in the IDHR Office.  She facilitates trainings for the MIT community on creating inclusive environments, MIT policies, reporting options, and other prevention education efforts.  Prior to joining the IDHR team, Erin spent two years in the Greater Chicago area at Oakton Community College, where she worked in the Office of Access, Equity, and Diversity, planning educational programs and events.  Erin holds a Master’s in Higher Education from Penn State University, where she spent five years working in the University’s Gender Equity Center, first as a graduate assistant and then as a full-time programming coordinator.  In her work with the Gender Equity Center, Erin coordinated two peer education groups, developed a sexual assault prevention program for fraternity and sorority members, and facilitated trainings on Title IX, sexual violence, healthy relationships, and other gender equity topics.  In her free time, Erin enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, cooking, and going to Zumba classes. To reach Erin, email her at ehfarley@mit.edu.

Simi Ogunsanwo
Education Specialist

Simi Ogunsanwo is an Education Specialist at IDHR. In her role, she engages in prevention efforts and facilitates IDHR trainings to the MIT community. These trainings cover topics from promoting inclusive environments to MIT policies and reporting options. Prior to joining IDHR, Simi was the administrative coordinator at Boston University’s Sexual Assault Response and Prevention center where she managed both response and prevention logistics. She also developed curriculum around healthy relationships and occasionally facilitated trainings to the BU undergraduate student population. Simi holds a Master of Public Health degree from the Boston University School of Public Health. To reach Simi, email soguns@mit.edu.

Sarah Affel
Manager of Investigations

Sarah Affel is the Manager of Investigations at IDHR.  She manages investigations of formal complaints alleging that an MIT student, staff member, or faculty member engaged in discrimination or discriminatory harassment, including allegations of violations of the nondiscrimination policy, racist conduct, harassment based on a protected class, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, stalking, violence based on protected class, and retaliation.  Sarah also conducts investigations and is, in general, the lead investigator for allegations that an MIT employee engaged in discrimination or discriminatory harassment.  Before coming to MIT, Sarah was the Title IX Coordinator at Harvard Law School and at Cornell University.  Sarah also brings her experience as a prosecutor for the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office.  Sarah earned her JD from Northeastern University School of Law and her undergraduate degree from Tufts University.  In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time outside with her family. To reach Sarah, email her at saffel@mit.edu.

Justin Brogden

Justin is an Investigator in the IDHR Office. He investigates complaints as a neutral party and provides a written report of his findings. Justin is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Oberlin College and holds a law degree from Boston College Law School. Previously, Justin served as a domestic violence shelter Advocate, a Homelessness Case Manager, and practiced child welfare law. Justin spends much of his free time being followed around by his annoying but lovable dog, Pia. To reach Justin, email him at jbrogden@mit.edu.

Courtney Wilson

Courtney is an Investigator in the IDHR Office. She investigates complaints as a neutral party and provides a written report of her findings. Courtney is a Massachusetts native and earned a law degree from Harvard Law School. She practiced corporate law for many years, specializing in securities regulation and mergers and acquisitions. Courtney enjoys reading debut novels and watching hockey and lacrosse, and is a long-time member of the Head of the Charles Regatta’s Race Operations team. Email her at cawilson@mit.edu.

[Open Position] Administrative Assistant

Manasi Vaidya
Graduate Community Fellow

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

For concerns specifically related to gender-based discrimination (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking), there are additional, designated community members with whom you may feel more comfortable discussing your experience.

Deputy Title IX Coordinators are trained staff and faculty members who are knowledgeable about resources and reporting options available to students at MIT, specifically regarding concerns of gender-based discrimination. The Deputy Title IX Coordinators are available to receive reports alleging violations of the Institute's policy on sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other sexual misconduct (intimate partner violence and stalking).

Naomi Carton

For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Naomi Carton
Associate Dean, Graduate Student Support
Department of Residential Education

Suraiya Baluch

For Graduate Students & Office of the Vice Chancellor

Suraiya Baluch
Assistant Dean for Graduate Personal Support

Raquel Irons

For Staff

Raquel Irons
Human Resource Officer

For the Office of the Vice President for Research

Kenneth Lloyd
Director of Human Resources and Administration

For Faculty

Elizabeth Lennox
Assistant Provost, Administration

Jessica Rooney Gallagher

For Athletics

Jessica Rooney Gallagher
Athletic Trainer

For School of Architecture and Planning

Martha Collins
Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Administration

Catherine Kim

For School of Engineering

Catherine Kim
Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Administration

Marc Jones

For School of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences

Marc Jones
Assistant Dean

Jacob Cohen

For Sloan School of Management

Jacob Cohen
Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Master’s Programs and Senior Lecturer

Heather Williams

For School of Science

Heather Williams
Assistant Dean

Felicia Gauthier

For Lincoln Laboratory

Felicia Gauthier
Business Manager
Human Resources Department

For Schwarzman College of Computing

Eileen Ng
Assistant Dean for Administration


For Schwarzman College of Computing

Diane Ramirez-Riley
Director of Human Resources
(617) 253-6822