Annual Reports

Annual Reports

MIT is committed to the transparent and timely reporting of incidents of discrimination, bias, and harassment. Since 2013, the IDHR Office has worked diligently to respond to reports of harmful actions and behaviors, prevent recurrence, and remedy the effects by providing impartial investigations, resources, and accommodations.  

In keeping with those commitments, the Office produces an annual report compiling data from the past academic year’s reports and cases to shed light on the issues impacting our campus. These annual reports detail the nature of the reports received by the Office involving students, faculty*, and staff* during the preceding academic years. For details on terminology used in the reports, see Policies and Definitions. In addition to information about reports and cases, the Annual Report also updates the MIT community on the Office’s training and education efforts made in the academic year. 

*Faculty and Staff is included starting with the 2019-2020 academic year Annual Report as the scope of the IDHR Office broadened.

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