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MIT Change-Maker Awards

MIT recognizes outstanding students, faculty, and staff for their work to combat sexual misconduct at the annual Change-Maker Awards.

The 2024 Awards have been handed out. Read more about the honorees below.

MIT Change-Makers actively and intentionally work to combat harassment and sexual violence by challenging harmful attitudes, language, or behaviors. At an April 25 banquet at MIT’s Samburg Conference Center, MIT recognized outstanding students and employees who received 2024 Change-Maker Awards. We congratulate this year’s winners. They are:

  • Pleasure Educator of the Year award: Santi Cantu
  • Student award: Savannah (Sav) Lawrence
  • Student Group award: Alphi Chi Omega (AXO)
  • Employee award: Preventing Sexual Harassment Training – Content Development Team

Previous award recipients include:


  • Undergraduate student: Ana Velarde
  • Graduate student: Jules Drean
  • Student group: The MIT Monologues (MITMo)
  • Employee: Staff of OGE GradSupport
  • Pleasure Peer Educator of the Year: Em McDermott
  • Special recognition award: Maryanne Kirkbrid

Note that in Spring 2020 and Spring 2021, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we did not host virtual or in-person celebrations for Change-Makers in the MIT Community. We were still able to recognize and send awards to undergraduate students who worked diligently and intentionally to continue the work of healthy and positive culture change in pandemic times!


  • Pleasure Educator of the Year: Rachel McIntosh


  • Undergraduate student: Claire Halloran  
  • Pleasure Educator of the Year: Omar Laris 


  • Undergraduate student: Gabrielle Ballard
  • Graduate student: Sarah Goodman
  • Student group: The Healthy Masculinities Club, founded by graduate student Jay Dev and now led by his fellow graduate students Zack Avre and David Robinson
  • Employee: Amanda Pickett, a program assistant in Career Advising and Professional Development
  • Department: The Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Pleasure Educator of the Year: Madiha Shafquat


  • Undergraduate student: David Dellal
  • Graduate student: Claire Webb 
  • Student group: Graduate Women at MIT (GW@MIT)
  • Employee group: Former chemistry graduate student Michelle MacLeod and chemistry department head Timothy F. Jamison were recognized for leading efforts to train faculty, students, and staff
  • Pleasure Educator of the Year: Nolan O’Brien


  • Undergraduate student: Charlie Andrews-Jubelt
  • Graduate student: Priya Moni 
  • Student group: IFC Sexual Misconduct Committee with special recognition of the contributions of John Drago as chair and driver of the committee
  • Employee: David Singer, Department Head and Raphael Dorman-Helen Starbuck Professor of Political Science at MIT and inaugural chair of the MIT Committee on Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response
  • Pleasure Educator of the Year: Brittney Johnson