Reporting Options

Reporting Options

All MIT community members are encouraged to report any concern about discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and bias.  To report incidents of discrimination, discrimination harassment, and bias to MIT click here.  For more information about your option, please review the information below.

Sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking are forms of discriminatory harassment and prohibited at MIT.  If you have experienced sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, or stalking, please click here for a helpful guide to obtaining information, support and assistance, and filing a complaint.

MIT’s Non-Retaliation Policy applies to all MIT community members and prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises a concern of possible Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment or who participates in the complaint resolution process.

Reporting to MIT
Use this page to learn about reporting an incident to IDHR, Human Resources, the EthicsPoint Hotline, an MIT Responsible Employee, or to submit a formal complaint to IDHR.

Reporting to MIT Police
Use this page to learn how to contact the MIT Police for assistance or to report criminal conduct.

Emergency Medical Assistance and Preserving Evidence
Use this page to understand your options for medical assistance and preserving evidence following an incident.

Abuse & Harassment Prevention Court Orders
Use this page to understand the process of obtaining a court protection order.

Confidential Resources at MIT
Use this page to access confidential resources at MIT.

Responsible Employee Information
Use this page to understand the Responsible Employee designation at MIT.

Reporting to a State or Federal Agency
Use this page to report a concern of violations of state or federal law or regulations.