Formal Complaint Processes | File a Formal Complaint

File a Formal Complaint

NOTE: IDHR has two types of forms – 1) a form to notify IDHR about an incident/situation without yet requesting a formal investigation, and 2) a form to file a formal complaint against an MIT community member (file against a staff or faculty member or against a student).

A Complainant is encouraged to submit an incident report and meet with IDHR before filing a Formal Complaint in order to review the applicable policies and procedures, and learn more about their rights, options, and supportive measures.

A Complainant may submit a Formal Complaint alleging Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment against a Staff or Faculty Member or against a Student by clicking the applicable button below or any Complainant may submit a Formal Complaint against any member of the MIT Community to IDHR by submitting a signed, written document identified as a Formal Complaint requesting that MIT investigate the allegation. Submissions to IDHR may be made by email to

Formal Complaint Against a Staff or Faculty Member

Formal Complaint Against a Student

Your Formal Complaint Should:

  • State the name of the Respondent (if known);
  • Describe with reasonable specificity the conduct the Complainant believes violated MIT policy, including, if applicable, the date, time, and location of the conduct (if known);
  • Be in the Complainant’s own words, although the Complainant may have assistance in preparing the Formal Complaint and may attach relevant documentation
  • Contain the Complainant’s physical or digital signature, or otherwise indicate that the Complainant is the person filing the Formal Complaint

What types of prohibited conduct are Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment?

For Staff Members and Faculty Members:

  • P&P, Section 9.3: Nondiscrimination
  • P&P, Section 9.4: Racist Conduct
  • P&P, Section 9.5: Harassment (when the alleged conduct is based on an individual’s protected class as defined in Section 9.3)
    • Section Sexual Harassment
    • Section Sexual Misconduct
    • Section Gender-Based Harassment 
    • Section Title IX Sexual Harassment
  • P&P, Section 9.5.2: Stalking
  • P&P, Section 9.6: Violence Against Community Members (based on protected class)
  • P&P, Section 9.7: Non-Retaliation (based on protected class)

For Students, MIT Mind and Hand Book:

  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Harassment (based on protected class)
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Intimate Partner Violence
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Nondiscrimination Policy
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Non-Retaliation (based on protected class)
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Sexual Misconduct
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Stalking
  • Mind and Hand Book, Section II: Title IX Sexual Harassment